Enabling a Zero Carbon, lower cost energy future

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. Hutah Industries was founded to be part of the solution. To improve the environmental impact of energy generation by helping to replace fossil fuel with sustainable bioenergy. We are a global Biomass IPP primarily focusing on converting energy crop (Bamboo) into renewable electricity. Through captive resource planning. On a BOO basis. Offloading the power produced to various Indian state-owned DISCOM backed and secured by long term PPA. Accelerating India's rural sustainable development goals in the far ends of the North East. We at Hutah Industries have a strong on-grid business model nationally but at the same time have the potential to develop off-grid / mini-grid Biomass IPP assets on our captive resource program internationally. Enabled with pay-as-you-go providing renewable electricity to rural clusters in emerging and underdeveloped economies. Billed and monitored through mobile-enabled smart metering system in sub-Saharan Africa, Caribbeans, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. Providing affordable renewable electricity via decentralized energy sharing and productivity for a higher local value creation ensuring last-mile delivery of electricity. Triggering circular economy. By making long-term investments, Creating Jobs near home and family. We help our communities preserve their environmental heritage, local characters, and quality of life.

Our Vision

In 2020, we announced a world-leading ambition of using Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) technology, removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere at scale while delivering reliable, renewable electricity. The growing demand from industry, government, and consumers for baseload power generated by carbon-neutral energy sources has established a need for increased biomass and waste-to-energy infrastructure in NorthEast India. The increasing size of the Indian economy will only increase the baseload power demand in the future.


Our Mission

We shall be making use of one of the most commonly found local plants, Bamboo in NorthEast India, to help us generate electricity, which in return not only energizes the state's power sector but also boosts and highlights the importance of bamboo and its variant uses across the globe. Thus, placing Nagaland and NorthEast India, on a global map for green energy production.

  • Creating over 500 Direct and 2000 indirect jobs.
  • Saving Over 400 Million Tons of Co2 (Carbon dioxide) emissions over the 25-year project life.
  • Boosting NorthEast household income over the 25-year project life.
  • Providings stable and competitively priced power to support community Infrastructure to drive and underpin industrial development in the rural cluster of NorthEast India.
  • Contributing to the government of India's renewable energy goals by 2030.
  • Ensuring a long term deduction in the exposure to power crises, transmission losses, and its downwards effect on the economy.

Our Thinking

The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges faced by us today as we endeavor to deal with such pressing issues as climate change. It is absolutely essential that we move to renewable forms of energy as we try to create a more sustainable world not only for ourselves but also for our subsequent generations. At Hutah we not only believe that renewable energy is vital to the future of our planet, but we also know that it makes a great business opportunity. When it comes to what we do the name Hutah which is taken from the ancient text of Sanskrit which translates to problem-solving through mega construction is fairly self-explanatory. As to how we do it, innovation and sustainability are the keys. Two fully integrated courses guiding all our actions. We follow the principle of "innovability" to achieve one large goal a new era of zero-emissions energy to make the world a better place for everyone.


Our Team

At Hutah Industries, We're led by a team of young enthusiastic change-makers who are focused on putting India and the world at the forefront of a green and sustainable future.

Hutah_Industries_Vinatoli Yeptho

Vinatoli Yeptho

CLO/Board of Directors

Hutah_Industries_Aditya Pandit

Aditya Pandit


Hutah_Industries_Anato K Zhimomi

Anato K Zhimomi


Hutah_Industries_Amung Konyak

Amung Konyak


Hutah_Industries_Vatsal Misra

Vatsal Misra


Anand Meshram

Anand Meshram


Sanchay Jain

Sanchay Jain

Vice President Operations

Board of Advisors

At Hutah Industries, We're advised by a team of seasoned industry specialists. Each having a niche of their own subjects. Who are focused on putting India at the forefront of a green and sustainable future.

Mr. M.C Konyak

Mr. M.C Konyak

(Ex Minister-Forest, Excise)
MLA 15 years Government of Nagaland.

Senior Vice President - Government Relations.

Mr. Atomi K Zhimomi

Mr. Atomi K Zhimomi

Ex- MLA(Dimapur-1)
Government of Nagaland

Senior Vice President - Land acquisition (North-East).

Dr. Biplab Mukerji

Dr. Biplab Mukerji

Deputy Director General (Retired)
Geological Survey of India

Senior Vice President - Maping and topography.

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy!

Advancing Clean, Reliable, Affordable, Energy Solutions that will lead us to a net zero emissions future

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy!

Creating sizable share of Green Energy for the NorthEast India and the world.